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Bien pratique mais manque la version française

Why cant we set the currency in USD?

You can do better!

No visibility of best value of products

It would be great if there would be views sorted by store or by product of best value/ price recorded. It would make easier and smarter my shopping of which products are best to buy in a specific store, or when I need to buy a specific product, where I got best price from last purchase.


Top heavy with options/details!

Much better now

Before the changes it was a 2 star. A much cleaner interface now. Great job!

Like it but not enough Canadian content

I use it simply as a shopping list for now. No flyers are available as yet. But it is a simple intuitive interface. Cant wait until more stores such as Loblaws or Metro are listed.

Good but not enough canadian stores

Nice app but missing a lot of canadian stores in fact i only got two but Nice app so far!

Great App!

I love how you can sort by aisle. Its exactly what I was looking for!


I Like this app

Nice app

I find it useful to manage my shopping lists and estimate costs

Almost perfect

Just needs more Canadian stores on board and itll be an amazing app.

Great grocery app

Love the app. Need to put pressure to get more Canadian stores.

Decent program

The program is quite good. I felt that it should be bigger and more to it after I downloaded it but after using it it was apparent that it doesnt need to have the bigger feel I was expecting It does so much without making you feel like youve labored away. One thing I would like to see though (and this goes for all programs like this) is the program automatically pulling the prices from a cloud. Constantly updated with current prices. Thats me though. Anyhow. Anyone will enjoy this program. It isnt hard and after youve used it a couple times then will you find the ease and luxury if this program.

Great app

A little slow sometimes but works wonderful. The more u use it the easier it is cuz u dont have to add prices anymore


It is a great way to keep track of the "lists" that usually get misplaced.

Simply the worst

The functionality isnt all that bad but what a terrible interface. If the intrusive way the ads are presented dont annoy you enough then the splash screen that takes about 10 seconds before the app actually opens definitely will. Considering there are much better apps available save yourself a bit of time and pass on this app.

recent update ruined a good app

This used to be a great app until you updated it and now there is the annoying splash screen because one is using the lite version. It a situation where one almost feels forced to buy it to get rid of the splash screen, however I am rather skeptical that it would. Why ix something like that in the first place when it was not broke. Really disappointed Please put back to what it was before

Great app

I like this app. Very easy to use but I just use the grocery list app as everything else is for the US. I am in Canada.

No adds please

If you buy the app, there should be no adds. Add French to your app.


Great app. Tons of options.

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